Saturday, June 30, 2012


So here we are

The official, first entry of the scooter adventure that people either, dismiss as stupidity, or admire.

We are two ordinary guys who decided one 'babelas' morning that a trip to namibia using scooters as transport would be completely possible and that we, both being motorbiking rookies, were going to do this within the next year.  That "next year" turned out to be two years but here we are, two years later setting our sights on a 2340km journey leading us to the gates of Etosha, northern Namibia.

The Tackle:
            After very little consideration we have decided on the Big Boy Retro 150cc scooter because, well to be honest, they were the best looking scooters in the shop.

The Route:
           The 2340km journey will start in the Elgin valley, 120km East of Cape Town, pass through the civilization of Calvinia, Upington, Koes, Gobabis and then finally end up in Etosha National Park(if you know more than two of those towns you've done well).

So now you've been introduced to the basic details(don't worry we will make up in detail as soon as the trip begins).

Cheers for now Du Toit